Infrastructure as a Service : Private Virtual Server offer

Volatile Virtual Private Servers


These VPS are not store reliably way. An hardware fault might result in the complete loss of the server. They are best used for cases such as temporary acces to (virtual) hardware to support experimentations, or when the users handle backup for their data/application themselves. It can be seen as an alternative to a computer you whould have in your office, but whose resource are obtained from a mutualised pull and given back when no longer in use.

Available OS

The currently available OS are :

  • Debian 9 & 10
  • Ubuntu 18.04 & 20.04
  • CentOS 7 & 8


The flavor of a VPS determine how much computing, memory and storage resources it will be allocated.
These are the currently available flavors :

Virtual CPU RAM Disk
1 2GB 20GB
1 4GB 20GB
2 4GB 20GB
2 8GB 50GB

Other flavor for more specific needs might be created upon request.

Reliable Virtual Private Servers (To Come)

These virtual private servers will be stored reliably. Consequently, in case of an hardware fault, the virtual private server's data will still be available, and it will still be available for restart.

The use of these reliable servers are not yet available through this platform.