Configuration to use client browser to access the platform's web UI

The Platform as a Service provides multiple Web Interfaces to monitor the state of the platform, your workloads as well as interact with your datasets. Although these Web Interfaces can be accessed by using the platform acces servers's browser using X forwarding, you might want to configure your local device for faster interactions. This page describes the configuration procedure to access the platform services' web UI using the browser on your local host for Debian or fedora based linux distributions.

Required packages

The platform is secured using MIT Kerberos authentication. To use your machine's browser to access the platform, you will have to install client package to authenticate against the platform.

Operating system package installation command
Ubuntu/Debian sudo apt-get install krb5-user
Fedora/Centos/RedHat sudo yum install krb5-workstation

Connection to the platform & Kerberos configuration

Authentication request forwarding

Acces to the Web User interfaces require user authentication. This is done by interactiong with the platform Kerberos server. The Kerberos server is not directly accessible from outside the platform. To access it you will have to use ssh forwarding. To do so you will have to choose an available port on your machine. Let's choose, for example, the port number 9571. To enable forwarding needed for Kerberos authentication request, you need to use the following command :

ssh -L <username>@

This command will redirect request made to the chosen port on your local host to the server where Kerberos is located(lsd-prod-krb-1.lsd.novalocal)

Kerberos configuration

You will need to configure the local Kerberos client by modifiying its configuration file /etc/krb5.conf In this file, you will find two sections called [realms] and [domain_realm]. Please add the content indicated below to theses sections. Make sure you use the same port number as in your ssh connection cammand.

        LSD.NOVALOCAL = {
                kdc =
                admin_server =
        .lsd.novalocal = LSD.NOVALOCAL
        lsd.novalocal = LSD.NOVALOCAL


To issue an authentication request, use the kinit command.

kinit <username>@LSD.NOVALOCAL

Provided that you give the correct password, this will grant you a Kerberos ticket authenticating you against the plateform. This ticket will stay valid for 24 hours. A similar ticket is automaticaly provided on the platform gateway(

Firefox browser configuration

Configuration for Kerberos authentication

Firefox needs to be configured to use the Kerberos authentication to access the platform's interfaces. To do so , you need to acces firefox's configuration using the url about:config and modify the following properties

property value
network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris .lsd.novalocal
network.negotiate-auth.delegation-uris .lsd.novalocal

SOCKS Tunneling

The platform servers being only accessible throught, you will need a SOCKS tunnel to enable access to the webUI from your client computer. To do so, you need to choose an available port on your machine and enable application port forwarding using ssh -D option. Combining with the ssh forwarding needed for Kerberos authentication and using 7777 as an example port, the command used to connect to the platform becomes :

ssh -D 7777 -L <username>@

Next you will need to configure your browser to send request to the platform throught the SOCKS proxy. *Search 'proxy' in firefox's preferences search 'proxy' in firefox's preferences

*Configure the proxy with the choosen port. Use the same proxy for all protocol and configure the proxy to issue DNS requests throught the proxy configure the proxy with the choosen port

Some firefox add-ons like FoxyProxy also use up the use of such proxies.

Configure client ssh

Instead of using the previous command line to connect to the PaaS, you might opt to pre-configure an alias using you local host ~/.ssh/config file. The following configuration (to be added to ~/.ssh/config file) will help setting up connection to the paas

Host lsdProxy
    User <username_lsd>
    LocalForward lsd-prod-krb-1.lsd.novalocal:88
    DynamicForward 7777

Using this configuration, the alias lsdProxy can be used to connect to the paas acces node(, while setting up SOCKS Tunneling (DynamicForward) and authentication tunnel(Local forward)

ssh lsdProxy

Port 7777 is the port you configured as your web proxy in your browser. Port 9571 is the port you specified in your kerberos configuration.